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The map i cannot realise on my own: CnC-Whats_Lurking


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The map will be a Nod vs Nod setup.

The main crux of the map is that there will be (bot?) SBH just walking around invisible ofcourse.

So while in game you may get to see/hear an SBH and when you shoot/chase it, it just disperses, run into a rock (like a ghost) or something like that....(so many options!)

This phenomenon could be caused by the tech-building, a stealth researchlab to hamper the enemy.

And also give a reason of why it is a fight within the brotherhood.

The environment will be eigher a dark, foggy/rainy jungle or a rocky/sandy/dusty desert

perhaps there also could be an abandoned/destroyed GDI base....ohhh 3-way fights :P

please contact me if someone feels like making this happen and i will try my best to help up where ever i can...

gl and hf everyone :)

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