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For a while now, there's been talks about tutorials being made (including talks about a mandatory tutorial), that help new players understand the game better. While I can see this as helping, I do not believe that it would be the most effective way to go about it. I know that when I first play a game, I want to learn for myself, rather than having to watch a tutorial video, and so I will jump right into a game.

My proposed solution is simple, and is one that many games currently utilize:

Have the load-screen include brief tips to the game, attached with screenshots.

Put the current load-screen: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.c ... 7C199ED4E/

Here, where tips and tutorial videos made can also be viewed.

http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.c ... 86E303753/

Replace that load-screen with tips and screenshots. 2 tips per load-screen, including screenshots.

Mining, repairing, what the silo does (and how you capture it), beacons, etc.

The current load-screen has too much text on it, and cannot be fully read by new players for several game loads. Even after reading it, they may very well be confused, because of how broad it is. The tips I am proposing are more in-depth and specific ones, such as mining and how the limit works.

It's a little change that I think can make a world of difference. These help me in new-games quite often, and I think RenX should attempt the same solution. I can even write out the tips if need be (I'm sure yosh would love to help too).


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Yep, and people with low-spec like me and plays with lowest resolution known to mankind are NEVER going to be able to read it


For me, the tip when you play in-game (like 'place C4 on enemy mct to blow it up' now) is quite effective, though probably not enough

So, how about placing the tip when they're about or do things for the first time. (Example, when about to mine when mine limit is full for the first time, you'll be prompted 'Mine Limit is Full', and then when you mined after that, you'll be prompted 'You're Overmining, your team's mines are disarmed')

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