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Matchmaking thoughts

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how about using "Friend-lobbies"? like you can create a lobby of (lets say) 4 at most, then que yourself in for a spot on the settings your squad would like to play on the same side ofcourse.

then the matchmaking will que you up against the same amount of persons on the other side so an even amount of number always have to join when matchmaking.

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Isn't that basically already in by typing a 4 letter thing in brackets in front of your name in-game, and it will match you all together?

I thought that was the case.

Note, match you together will only work after the 1st matchmaking and if you literally don't make up half a team yourself.

Idk, maybe I got "suggestion" mixed up with "update"...

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That was a team balancing algorithm that I had suggested a while back, Tranquilty.

Bananas's point is why this isn't really realistic though.

But there is a way to do it with Unreal matchmaking, using playertags when game ends and remixing teams. It just isn't very likely to happen in RenX if it involves doing it on join or starting a server.

For doing it on join, "request team change and an enemy accepting trades you" would be very ideal by legacy standards.

There could also be a "choose team" button on map vote, and it highlights your name red or yellow, and too many players choosing one team simply results in the earliest choosing players getting in, while ideally players that didn't opt one way or another just fill in the gaps to balance teams.

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