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Add service depot to maps.


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Would vehicle need to drive in there to get repaired or would it make team-wide vehicle armor regen when captured?

I think that if there were vehicle regen, there should also be capturable hospital that provided health regen for team.

(meaning just health goes back to 100, not armor)

There is already "Regeneration" thread, but there are some other ideas about how it would work.


As for vehicles, if you had to drive vehicle in service depot, you would get clusterfuck of vehicles there, and one could start camping on there, meaning vehicle is much harder to destroy.

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Every map would need to be changed and remodeled to suit the Service Depot. I'm pretty sure we already have a model of it, but the Devs really need to focus on the bugs and exploits within some maps more than trying to add a new structure. I think it'd be cool to have it in some newer maps, but for the current ones right now we're good.

And yes, people would surely camp on the SD, as well as troll and park their vehicle so that none of their teammates could use it.

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