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Too much poly on some buildings?


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so I just scrolled through contenr browser, checking the polys of everything. I noticed that Barracks' interior in particular, possesses about 35000 vertices... All the bed and boxes inside the barracks weighs that much, and since LOD has been used for the destroyed textures (which also brings the question as to why you don't use Material Instance for that instead).

It's just kind of disturbing, the sight that a building can possibly weigh more than the character itself. I really see a lot of things you can possibly cover with normal maps there

Just throwing in my 2 cents

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i think the question is... why spent polys when the system is working smooth? :D

i start the game and set all to maximum.. i have a

AMD Phenom II X4 (4x3,3Ghz)

8gb Ram

2GB GTX 660 TI Jetstream Edition

some that i think its in the mid section system.

And the game runs in every corner in every battle with much more then 60 FPS . So i can enjoy good graphics with smooth game :D never mind why they should spent polys? :D i thinkt he game is running smoth on the most other pcs too .. right?

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Unfortunately not for me. I have 15 fps in lowest quality. My spec is not that awesome, yes... but for a building interior that only includes some boxes... this just seem wrong

I mean look at the lowpoly version of your sandbags. That only takes 150+ vertices

i know that there is alot of potential to save much polys.. didnt expect that it cost so much power ^^

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Buildings are one of the cheapest things to render in the game. We've specifically set them up in a way where they are handled exactly the same as any other static world geometry in the map. You have to remember that geometry is the easiest and cheapest things to handle.

Our buildings are split up into multiple components so that unnecessary parts are culled away. We usually break them up into Exterior, Interior, Interior Details, and screens. This way most of the interior geometry that isn't visible from the outside will not be processed.

Shader complexity is what will be a lot more intensive than a few extra thousand polygons alone could ever be.

Granted our buildings are disturbingly outdated, and could use some tlc and be rebuilt from scratch in a more optimal way. But as it stands now, buildings are as graphically intensive as a giant rock is. Characters, Vehicles, and other dynamic objects are far more intensive for the game engine to process.

We've had countless discussions internally on redoing buildings, but for the moment they are not a priority.

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