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EMP destroy mines?


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I just have a game I solo holding the bridge choke point in goldrush when my HoN was gone(i'm the only tech left)...

I just suddenly saw someone throw a emp nade at those mines and it got destroyed !!! ....

what the balance reason behide this? a hotties holding c4 remote and a emp and clear through mines field winthin 5 second and the best of if he don't need to show up just spend a emp nade and gg (i got to move back to repair something in other base for like 30 second and my base got blow up...coz those easy noob friendly emp nade?

I off this game from now very excited new feature!

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This was in the patch notes and clealy discussed in the forums prior to BETA 4.

Yes, EMP grenades will defuse mines. But it will take some time for the EMP to actually remove the mines (10 seconds?) Which is enough time for anyone noticing to alert the entire team!

I must say though, this feature was intended to make it slightly easier to infiltrate buildings, throwing an EMP on certain mines in a doorway, removing them to plant C4's on the MCT.

However, when using an EMP near a building, the building "gets hit" and the "building under attack" message is sounded.

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And, as far as narrow passageways, it just means instead of pyling 6 up, you have to space 2 segments of 3. That way it takes 2 emp nades and/or they take some damage or need to manually diffuse.

Also, can you carry emp and beacons? If so, meh. If not, then once they diffuse the bridge, they still need in the front door of a HoN in a non flying (?) map, with an oblesk covering the back door nonetheless.

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I almost never see EMPs used in public matches anymore (I'm talking about ~50 mine limit gameplay). Probably because of the disarm mines ability, you have to wait a looong time for them to go off. Making them useless against tank rushes.

And sneakers would rather disarm the mines either by rep gun or by face, because the EMP cloud is just too visible.

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I use them all the time against mines.

In AOW I'll often buy one just to disarm tunnel mines and get the extra points.

I've killed a dozen or more buildings by using EMP's in beta 4.

They are rarely used against vehicles though. Does a direct hit make them instant explode like the smoke grenade does? If so, I'd use them more. If not, I wish they would.

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