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Here is an concept of an idea I had, C&C_Field_Reversed.

It is basicly the same as the other maps, yet the sides are reversed. For example, What would be GDI side is the Nod side and vice versa. I got the idea from a game years ago, but thought could port it to Renegade X. This works, sort of. You spawn in the wrong team, AI don't work, and lighting is bad, havester tracks are not made etc. If anyone wants the map, I will try and upload it if anyone wants it.

Its mainly because it could be confusing, bit of fun and why not? I have played maps before where it is like this, it can get confusing at first, but it is great fun and just why not really?

I think it will be a lot better with Under, but had some trouble doing it with under, but field was pretty easy.




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bases and entrances need to be reworked ... the bar and WF will get pounded wile my bet is that air strip isnt even going to be seen and GDI will have nothing to hit but tunnels may tell a different story

interesting experiment tho

Yeah, I don't think this is going to work as well as I thought.

The airstrip is way too big, and it is very crowded.

But the GDI side is lot of empty space, because of the airstrip.

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