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New Personnel Barrier


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I just rebuild the PersonnelBarrier.

Got bored of rebuilding CNC_City_Flying and yea..

PS: Have you ever noticed that we were taking cover behind a damn table :D?

Click for full-size

Size comparison between the old and new one. (old one is inside the new one)





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We are officially working on a City Remake ourselves actually.

Good to know. So I dont have to rebuild it :D.

Roads are just painful.. Found a custom script for the splineLoftActor to make it with collision.. but I dunno how to add custom scripts.

But that barrier is so much better looking that our plastic folding tables! :D

I'm glad you like it :).

I just have some weird shadow problems with the barrier..

It's cutting the shadow into pieces and appears/disappears when you're moving around.. Kinda difficult to explain. Im gonna do a video for it. But It's just happening when I rebuild the lightning. Atleast the cutting shadow thingy..

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looks like a lod switch ... make sure the mat has the shutter effect enabled

Thanks for the tip with the LOD.

I dont know what you mean with "shutter effect" - couldn't find anything, even google couldn't..

But I increased the "Forced Lod Model" to 2 @ the Properties Window (F4).

Is there basic LOD setting to use for RenX? I dunno whats the perfect setting for viewdistance etc..

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