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[RenX | Beta 4.01] Bought Nuke for 1k, but isn't in my Inv


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I have been informed this was listed as fixed in 4.02, as buying a nuke and then afterwards character would then remove the nuke...

HOWEVER, NOTE: THIS IS ACTUALLY ALLEGEDLY STILL BUGGED IN 4.02! IF YOU BUY A NUKE AND THEN A CHARACTER IT REMOVES THE NUKE. Just so it gets the attention of the devs to check back into and try a fix again. Please and thank you guys.

Temp Fix: Buy everything including character a refill BEFORE buying a beacon. Then buy nothing else afterwards. You can try a refill, it should not remove the beacon but nothing SHOULD remove it so doing anything is at your own risk. It is safest just to not make purchases once you grab yourself a beacon and if purchasing multiple things always get everything else first and grab the beacon very last.

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