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Mobius' Hadouken


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During beta testing it was ridiculously fast and the range was somewhere around the range of 500 sniper. I think it's good as it is, but a small speed bump wouldn't hurt. I don't use alt fire too often unless I'm fighting a tank, so the speed of the projectile is just right for me.

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So looks like mobius can now throw hadoukens :cool: but the speed seems to be a bit slow, are there plans to up the speed of the fireball?

You are not a street fighter character. You can't be, else you'd know the light punch hadouken was always the best. That was because it was 2d so you couldn't side step, but still.

Speaking of which, it makes him more dangerous in tunnels because they have choke points and a fireball denies the passageway if spammed down it.

I just like how badass this idea is, kudos to the gent who thought of it.

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