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[RenX | Beta 4.01] F5 - "recordDemo" doesn't work for me


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As description tells, I tried to record demos about exploiting players. I think I saw an aimbot for once too, possibly the 2nd one which I "catched" within the era of Renegade X MP.

F5 - "recordDemo" didn't work for me. Also, this directory where demos should be stored is empty.

(E:\Totem Arts\Renegade X\UDKGame\Demos)

Do I anything wrong?

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It starts the recording of a demo on the server. You cant record a demo to you local client. UDK doesent allow it. So if you use it you then need to contact the serveradmins to take a look. You can also throw a PM my way if you are pretty sure you saw a hacker. Then i´ll analyze it, get him a global ban, and possible add new serverside checks to prevent the hack.

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