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Appreciation for the devs


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Hey Heyyy

Firstly i would like to point out that as someone who loves playing Renegade (Old at the time) and now Renegade, i expressed a verbal rant/frustration about the lack of communication/update with regards to beta 4 a few months back (In which i believe Fobby/Rypel) seen the post that i am referring too. I let my frustration get the better of me and for that one can only apologise for the rant.

Rolling forward the clock a few months later and i can't simply fault the devs from that day to this day. There constant communication with the Renegade X faithful, Increased activity on the forum, and there approach into dealing with matters all be it bugs, map related, silly questions, and whatever else they get asked, deserve a huge pat on the back for there continued development of this game.

The quickness of there Beta 4 patch for the crashes people received is second to none. I hope i can speak for most of the community here and say that we all respect the effort, dedication and time use are putting in.


Dave =)


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Great OP. This game is such a great time sink. I love games where I can enjoy my own playstyle without being forced to sample others not on my own terms. If I want to play tech all game then go me, and still he relevant the entire time. Such great IP this command and conquer has been, and still continues to be... Because of developers like yourself.

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