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Things YOU can do That will Bring even more players


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This Game is awesome ! It deserve to be know by gamers worldwilde.

Here few sugestions ,if you have more ideas feel free to add :)

If your on Steam post often Screen Shoots and comments it that its Renegade X with url .

Post in your Steam* activity ,homemade videos of gameplays

(*Click on your username at the top of your Steam interface , then pick 'activity' from the menu.)

The key thing is -----> VISIBILITY :cool:

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We are the advertizing, that is true. I always mention updates on facebook, my other community forum's off topic section, I do gameplay recordings on my youtube, and I discuss with friends. I don't usually use steam, I sort of wish there was a steam forums or a placeholder section to link people here and showcase this game as free and delicious.

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This happened when the first beta came out and I believed it did more harm than good since the new players basically downloaded a game that was buggy, unbalanced, and crashed all the time and I doubt they'll be coming back.

Wait until final release before spreading the word.

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Well people has to understand that's a Beta ,and Beta is a Beta ;).

It could had been Close Beta but I'm very Happy that this Beta is Open to anyone who wants to play :)

I downloaded the SP Black Dawn when it came out and was very unpset didnt like it at all ,id never finish the game .

Not long ago I decide to Give a try to Renx and Was addicted right away,But I understand it's still in developpement so Bugs and stuff can happend.

As it's state right now ,You can't say its not enjoyable to play except some servers are less stable than others imo.

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I think what it comes down to is the original ren, most ppl don't seem to get it, they rather PLAY CS/COD/BF which is the same damn game 20 years now... Gawd...

You mean same old Call of Duty that was released October 29 2003, and its popular/despised "modern form" was introduced with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on November 10 2009? Same old CS that was released in November 8 2000 with other games, and didnt see widespared success until 1.6 after early 2003 and later iterations in 2004 and 2012? Same old Battlefield that launched with BF1942 September 20 2002 and changed dramatically with each new game every 2 years?

Compared to a new fresh Command and Conquer Renegade launched on February 26, 2002 that was butt ugly and and had atrocious gunplay for its time, had a weak story line with a ton of bugs and dumb as bricks AI, had a better than average but unfinished and buggy multiplayer mode, and the only real thing going for it was the Command and Conquer theme. Yeah dem dirty cod kiddies are to blame. ;)

but on topic

I wanted to drag a friend into RenX after Beta1 release but we ended up in Field marathon. We keep quiet about that experience. The kind ice cream man with the loose zipper has nothing on Field marathon. :(

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