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Suggestion Round Up


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This is not going to be a small task but in this topic I am going to attempt to make a running list of all noteworthy suggestion topics that I can find. I will start with my own because they are the ones I'm most familiar with and then I will branch off to other peoples. The main reason I'm doing this is because HaTe's Ideas Revisited topic made me realize that it's very likely good suggestions have been buried and overlooked entirely. I never realized he even contributed any of his own ideas before so this should make it easier to track things for both us as gamers and the development team.

How I'm going to do this is list the name of the suggestion thread or describe what it is in title form, provide the link to the topic, summarize what the suggestion is, and summarize what the reception was to the idea.

This is going to take a lot of posts I expect as I will also try to keep a running list as new suggestions come about. I'll refrain from suggesting the order any ideas should be implemented as naturally I may be biased toward some of the ideas I came up with. I'll consider supporting my ideas fair game though if someone else says one of them would be good implemented first because I don't want to shut myself out of discussions entirely.

What I'm going to do in this topic is put several empty or place holder posts in so I can fill them in as I go through suggestions. After that should be considered open for people to post comments in about what ideas they would like to see implemented first. Please keep specific discussion about ideas in each ideas own topic. I know some of mine don't have comments yet and I'm certain there are others so I hope this will get noteworthy suggestions that have been overlooked more attention.

And I have never asked this before but, sticky please?

The next update will move on to suggestions made by other people. If there is some way I could be given permissions to edit threat titles to track which I have already covered I would appreciate it. The system I would use is: (L) before thread titles for listed and (U) before thread titles for unlisted.

Unlisted wouldn't mean that an idea isn't good or lacks merit. The list is meant to only contain what I consider to be the most noteworthy ideas and even some of my own didn't meet the standard of what I'm looking for.

If people would please refrain from posting their opinions on which ideas should be implemented or which they like more I would appreciated it. I want the opportunity to post more ideas made by other people before this topic is opened up for discussion.

Also, I would appreciate it if no one attempts to help complete this thread as two or more people working on it would make it a disorganized mess.


(For the first suggestion I'll break my own rule for building this topic because despite my initial misgivings I love the idea and don't want it to ever get overlooked.)

Veteran System by HaTe


Summary: A system in which points are awarded for contributing to the team that may provide the means for a stalemate breaker in marathon matches and provide skilled teams the chance to stage comebacks even after a building loss.

Reception: Good

Repair Station by Tarvin


Summary: A base or tech structure that will repair friendly vehicles.

Reception: Mixed. Good if considered as a captureable tech building in the field. Poor if considered as a structure within bases.

Notes: Overlaps some with the idea to bring back the repair pad found in

My idea for additional structures by Riou Insuiko


Primary difference is that it would be harder to block the Repair Station than it would be to hog a Repair Pad.

Audio Feedback for Vehicle Weapon Cycling by Tarvin


Summary: Adding reloading sounds for vehicle weapons to inform players when weapons are ready to fire again removing the need to watch the reloading progress instead of targets.

Reception: Good yet somewhat mixed.

Notes: The volume of certain vehicle sounds like the Orca flight sound would need to be decreased from ear-splitting levels for this to be practical.

Melee by Tarvin


Summary: Introducing Melee into the game as a means of close quarters combat. SBH would have nerfed knives compared to other characters but would deal more damage with the first strike after being fully cloaked to balance.

Reception: Mixed. Strong opinions were posed both for and against.

Notes: Would require play testing to determine if this is a fit for RenegadeX in light of opinions against the idea.

Repair Gun Overcharge by Tarvin


Summary: Repair guns would be given the ability to repair more quickly in short spurts to give repair duty a more interactive nature nature instead of only holding a single mouse button.

Reception: Good

AI Populated Servers + Match Finder/Builder by Tarvin


Summary: An automated system for joining matches intended to increase the overall player population by making it easier to join active servers. This would not replace the current system but be available in addition to it.

Reception: Mixed

Rebuildable Structures by Tarvin


Summary: The ability to slowly rebuild structures after they are destroyed. This would prevent early building loss from being an instant loss and would make it easier to break stalemates on Marathon servers by repairing structures like the WF and AF.

Response: Limited. Mixed but more positive.

Notes: Repair times may need to be increased further on Marathon servers requiring dedicated team efforts to defend a building being repaired to prevent further stalemates due to buildings being rebuilt.

Field Hospital by Tarvin


Summary: A capturable tech building in the field capable of healing infantry and replenishing their ammo supplies. May include windows to fire out of for defense of the structure.

Response: None yet.

Notes: May be made an entirely neutral structure that heals and reequips regardless of team. The only way to prevent an enemy from using it is active defense of the structure. It would be a gradual process rather than immediate resupply and heal.

Buildable Defense Structures by Tarvin


Summary: Defense structures that can be purchased and deployed to aid in base defense.

Response: Positive

Notes: There only potential issue is what turrets would be best. Current opinions seem to be:

Gun Turret (using minigun) for infantry defense for both Nod and GDI

Flame Turret - Nod Anti-vehicle defense

Grenade Turret - GDI anti-vehicle defense

Rocket Turret - Anti-air defense for both GDI and Nod and/or Anti-Vehicle defense

Stealth Detection Unit - Interment pulses to detect cloaked units but can be bypassed with proper timing.

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May I suggest adding url coding into the title of each idea suggestion in order to save lines for organization purposes? Veteran System (<---For example, clickable). You can use the quote feature and look here if you are unsure how this is done.

As far as your ideas go, I have not yet viewed them (just got back to the forums) and so I will take a look at them in the near future and give my thoughts (probably here for convenience).

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Good idea. Would make the list a bit shorter if the URL was hidden in the title. Now keeping track of what I've reviewed is the only issue that would require being able to modify subject titles or a mod willing to keep track of every topic I go over. I intend to go over every single suggestion topic that exists so that might be difficult.

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Perhaps categorizing/organizing them on a reception grading scale would be best, then (with the best on top)? You can start with a grade of 0 and add 1 for each positive response and subtract 1 for each negative response (then use decimals for mixed responses, using your own discretion). Of course, only the suggestions over 0 would be worth posting here after that. Perhaps if this was stickied, it would then provide more incentive for people to reply in the suggestion topics as well.

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I don't want to get too subjective. The idea is making it easy for all noteworthy ideas to get attention. When I get through a few more I will open the door to people discussing what they would like to see implemented first. At the very least that might help the developers understand where the most interest is at when it comes to implementation.

Besides, it would to too hard trying to track and rank ideas as I go given how many there are.

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Fair enough.

Figured I'd go and individually address your suggestions with my opinion on the matters:

Repair Station:

I was at first hesitant to like this idea, because as SFJake had mentioned in the topic, the repair pad doesn't really represent the problem that you are addressing in Renegade itself (it's yet to be seen in Renx, but i think the result would be similar). However, the one thing that I really actually liked about this idea, and I'm not sure if I'm editing what you intended or not, was that it would have a vertical presence as well, rather than being flat on the ground. It would also be treated as a turret and not a building for end-game purposes too. I like the vertical presence because the repair pads in Renegade made it so that they were impossible to hit from a low vertical alignment, and impossible to repair without getting seen and splashed to shit. Having a vertical presence would allow an engineer to repair them without dying immediately, and tanks have the ability to shoot them from an equal or lower vertical axis as well. Though I'm not sure if this is why you presented the idea or not, I think that it would be the main advantage over the rep pad, and for that I do like this idea.

Audio Feedback for vehicle weapons:

Not so sure about this one. I'd have to play the game some more and really take into consideration if it is hard to tell when they are reloading or not. In Renegade it was obvious enough. So basically, my opinion is still TBD on this.


These are in Renegade via mods. Not sure if you knew about that or not; they're in both roleplay mod maps and are in ultraaow modded maps too. I don't find much use for them besides easy quick kills on afkers or people talking who you just happened to have rounded a corner on. For that reason, I don't think it'd be worth it to add into the game. The only real reason they're in a game like CS:GO is to provide faster running than with a gun, and the only real reason they're in a game like COD is because it's 100% first person and there's no seeing around corners. I don't think it'd be worth it in a first/third person shooter like RenX.

AI populated servers:

I've always thought that something like this should be in a game like this, so long as the AI are smart enough to at least keep their base alive temporarily. I've always been more of a fan of having the AI balance the teams out more than simply acting as population though. Say it's 12v12 and a GDI player leaves. An AI bot would then join the GDI team and act as a repairer for their team at the very least. It would stay in-game doing that task until a new GDI player joined the game, evening the team at 12v12. The same would go for bigger margins too. I've always hated having a huge distinct disadvantage when my teammates leave, and at least having an AI to repair me would be much more sufficient than waiting for someone to join.

Rebuildable Buildings:

I just don't like this concept if I am completely honest. Having something have the ability to be rebuilt after the enemy team took the effort and planning to kill it seems to be obnoxious more than anything. I think that having a Vet System and having players earn to use a dead building's function in that way is more ideal and would make this suggestion unneeded at that point? Maybe make it like 150 SP to rebuild a dead building too for marathon mode purposes for a little fun too haha.

Field Hospital:

I like the idea of resupplying at a fixed cost, but I'm not entirely for the entire refill idea unless it would be rather expensive to do. I think that it would be too much of an advantage to refill in the field, even if you earned the capturable tech building. Unless it was at like 50% of the cost of your unit, I can see this being exploited way too easily for a distinct unfair advantage.

Buildable Defense Structures:

See my post in that topic. I like this idea, but would prefer that they be at designated spots in the base, and limited in that way. Perhaps they could be purchased by SP to avoid the winning team (via points, and therefore normally credits) having extra defensive advantages as well. Just an added thought there

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I'd just rather not bump old topics or make an apparent attempt at post count increase is all. If we're discussing the order of them, wouldn't it be fair to also discuss the opinions on them in attempt to establish that order? I find it more convenient to do this in one topic than having to load and scroll through each individual one (which is why I specifically liked you making this topic in the first place). If you want, I can edit the post and add in the order of importance I think each topic should see for priority reasons, then delete this one. Would that be a fair compromise to deleting and reposting the opinions?

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That's the whole purpose of this thread. If everyone says their opinions here it will be impossible to keep track of what was said about each topic when I intend to go through ALL of the suggestion topics in this thread.

I would prefer if discussion about posts themselves is kept in the posts.

I also would like to go through more noteworthy ideas made by other people before things for discussion.

Not trying to be picky, just trying to keep some order to what will become a very complex and tricky to maintain thread.

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How so? You've already addressed and acknowledged the reception of each suggestion. In essence, this is a renewal and readdressing of the old topics. Like my old topics and my new one that readdresses them. You didn't post your opinion on it in my old topics, you posted it in my new one because I was already aware of the feedback in the original topic :)

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So we're supposed to rank the ideas based on our personal priority opinions, but not address, mention, or compare the specifics of the ideas in at all? That just doesn't seem like a fair request, given that each individual suggestion would alter the other ones. For example, if the vet system is added in (which rype implied would be), it would make some of the suggestions need editing. Each suggestion would affect the other suggestions, since its all in the same game. What better way to discuss the combined individual ideas than a compilation of them all in one place? I just don't think that what you asked in the OP is realistic or logical because of this, I suppose.

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The ideas was that the topic would be closed to discussion until I had more ideas covered. After that it would be handed over to general comments about what people like or would want to see in the game. Any discussion would be about the elements already in the ideas and not attempting to develop them further outside of their native topics.

In depth discussion would be directed back to the topics hat the ideas came from to keep everything contained where it is easy to find without going through the many pages of what could turn into a very long thread. With everything mostly kept to the topics the ideas originate from developers would be able to more easily track how the ideas developed, the elements that make them up, and be able to prepare to put them in the game if the ideas are chosen.

In the case of some topics like the field hospital, it is only a 2 days old but was just overlooked. Posting wouldn't have been resurrecting a dead topic. Please allow me to keep this topic orderly both for my benefit in tracking things and the benefit of developers

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Do you have any idea how ridiculous this topic looks right now?

Its almost like a checklist of things to do and bossing the community (and even the devs) around, all of this in a biased topics with its own ideas of how the dev team should listen to the people.

Putting the ideas in one place was a good idea, the rest is not, and if people like an idea more than the others or if they don't like the turn of this topic, they can, will and should say it right here.

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I was just asking people if they could

1) Refrain from posting until I have other people's ideas summarized as well

2) and to not mix in in detail discussion about ideas that may cause them to develop beyond what is in the topic which is what would be referenced by devs if they choose to use any ideas and not this topic because it would be too hard to find things in.

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Well no offense, but making a word document or some other text document before posting this publicly sounds like the path you should've taken if those were your intentions. Posting an ideas collaboration on a public forums and expecting people to not discuss them in the collaboration topic is like telling people they're not allowed to talk about the individual rides at a theme park if they aren't currently on that ride.

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