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5/10/15 Minute Warnings


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Another thing i have noticed quite often, is that people overlook, that not very much time is left to play in non- marathon games. So maybe some notification or voice info like "5/10/15 minutes left" would be useful.



I've been playing Tiberian Sun campaign and when I read this, I heard the EVA message for "5/10 minutes remaining" prior to the activation for Nod's SAM sites.

Same thing could be done for Nod's CABAL when playing on Nod. Pretty nice idea and very useful!

I mostly play on Marathon servers, so when I DO play on non-marathon, I forget about the time. So I feel it's a GREAT addition.

For Goku's idea, same!!

Through chat it's quite hard to time a nuke-sync when 4 SBHs are coordinating to nuke all GDI buildings at once. Especially when GDI is patrolling.

Normally, we'd agree on a map-time to place nukes, but again, it can be hard and not easy to view.

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