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[Mutator] eXtended RCON 1.0


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Currently supported game version(s): Open Beta 3

This mutator adds some extensions to RCON primarily to enhance Jupiter's ability to log game events. Specifically, this mutator adds the following:

  • Tracking for player score, credits, ping, and character.
  • Logging for buildings/defenses killing players.
  • Logging for vehicle purchases/spawns.
  • Logging for mine placements.
  • Logging for weapon grants/purchases.
  • Commands for team-changing and refunding credits.

Attached in the .zip is both the mutator and the source thereof.

*Upcoming (1.1)*

Fixed a bug involving vehicle seats.

Support for Open Beta 4 added.

Simplified some code.


Initial Release


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Yeah, I have a working beta 4 version that I'll release closer to the beta 4 release.

Will it be similar to the first one so I won't have to worry about code changes on my end.

Since I made that post, all of the logging features have actually been integrated with Beta 4's RCON, using its log format conventions, which don't come close to resembling this mutator's format. As such, I no longer plan to continue support for this mutator.

Woooooooooooooops, meant 3.

How do you get this to work then. There's no instructions with the download.

My bad, I'll do a better job about that next time. Since it'll be incompatible with Beta 4, I discourage wasting your time on it, though I'll certainly help ya out with it if you still want to.

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If the format and output is going to change entirely in B4, then I won't bother with this one then lol. I was trying to prepare myself for Beta 4's output which is why I asked about it.

One last thing, is it already incorporated in the current private build? Because if so, I can just put up a B4 server and go from there.

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