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https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yoJ ... sp=sharing

Just wanted to post this here. This is the computer that I'm planning on building. I have a fairly large budget (thank you summer job) But I wanted to post it here so that I'm sure that it's sound and will operate properly and will be able to run RenX. Cheers ^.^

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New setup

CPU: Intel Core i7-5820K @ 3.30GHz

GPU: EVGA GTX980 Superclocked ACX 2.0

Memory: Crucial 4GB DDR4 2133 X8


Same cheap HDD, cheap DVD drive, Sound card cut out, basically higher raw performance, but less other features, These i'll throw in later.

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I'm no computer expert, but what i do know is that high-end graphics cards and processors don't work well with a HDD, the read/write speed just isn't good enough to play high-end games or whatnot. i would recommend you to at least add a small (or bigger) SSD, or a HDD with 7200 RPM or more.

please tell me if i'm wrong! ^^

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gaming on solid state drives is better. " Just longer loading times with hdd " compared to " super fast loading times with ssd" - if you build such a gaming beast please install also atleast a 256GB + solid state drive. Can install windows and games here and all other applications. Imo hard disk drives are only for data storing nowdays.

here is the recommend pc config for an optimal gaming pc based on 950 €


Intel Core i5-4460 Boxed

Gigabyte GA-H97-D3H

8GB Crucial 1600MHz CL9

GTX 970

be quiet! Straight Power E10-CM 500W

Crucial MX100 256GB

Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 1TB


Corsair Carbide Series 300R

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Well, of course, if you ve got the budget for an ssd get it, you will benefit very much from it.

Just wanted to point out, that during gaming you want see much of a difference from it...

I know that. I am sort of PC pro certified. I'm just tired of waiting 5 minutes to start up. That's also why it's lower priority to processor and memory.

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