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TmX vs EKT 10/1/14 Write Up


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~ TmX vs EKT 10th January 2015 Write Up ~

Ladies and gentlemen we have witnessed a miracle here today, as it seems EKT defeated TmX for the first time ! A very well deserved win for EKT and a good game was had by all. We expected 11vs11 but only got 7vs7. Still a good turnout but would have been nice to get everyone that signed up. TmX was Nod every game and EKT were GDI.

Link ti stream which only go the first 2 games due to techincal problems with my recording software, Sorry ! http://www.twitch.tv/m0nkeyboy/b/609450918

Rules of the game:

40 mins

EKT picked first map, TmX choses faction. This alternated every game

Best of 3

Mine limit 60

Game 1 - Walls.

This game was anyones for the taking at the beginning as both teams were doing quite well im scoring points and no one lost any buildings too early, but this all took a turn for the worst for EKT as TmX run their opponents into poverty by destroying all enemy vehicles , forcing them to rely on free infantry and cheap rockets to defend their base. Gradually building by building the EKT base fell to pieces and there wasnt much they could do. TmX's base was untouched the whole game and they pretty much thought they had the war in the bag. Oh how they were wrong....

Game 2 - Field

A fairly standard game of field here with nothing special happening at all to be honest. Both teams realise in this map that base destruction is unlikely in 40 minutes and the way to win is via tank presence in the field whoring the enemy base. With GDI having the better tanks, they were a shoe in to win this one. EKT's relentless forces never ceased to control the field for less than a minute. TmX would sometimes push them back to their base, but GDI reinforcements were constant , causing EKT to dominate the weaker NOD focres and maintain a point advantage which only grew stronger over time. TmX pondered purposely losing the Hand so that GDI could not gain more points by whoring, but in the end decided the Hand was too important. Was this the fatal flaw that caused them to lose by about 5k points? We may never know for sure if it would have made a difference, but it is a tactic growing in popularity for both sides on this map, and will almost definitely see use in the future.

Game 3 - Islands

A common map to end a clanwar on, but this one was not your ordinary game of islands by a long shot. It started fairly normally, both sides rushing the tunnels, but no one doing any damage to the other side. TmX flooded the field with arts as soon as they could , but were met by heavy mlrs resistance and couldnt hold their position for long. Soon enough the EKT forces were knocking on TmX's door , hitting the refinery and scoring precious points. TmX responded by burning them to ashes with flamers . But the out came the heavy hitting medium tanks, and with TmX having no one repairing the flamers, they were surely doomed. GDI once against continued the assault on the NOD base but NOD werent dead yet. Many tanks on both sides went up in flames as an intense battle was fought outside the NOD entrance , with it mostly ending in death for everyone. Then a handsome young hero named Munkei stepped up and thought he could make a difference here. I knew that there were only 7 guys on each team , and that most of EKT were in the field attacking, so i decided to try to sbh nuke the war factory. I was met with great success and very little resistance! It helped that nero was on his way to the refinery , therefore distracting the EKT defenders so they couldnt find my nuke. The nuke went off and TmX celebrated prematurely, claiming they had now won the game , but it was far from over yet. EKT still had 3 meds and a mlrs assaulting the nod airstrip , and with a lack of defenders in the TmX base, the air goes down too. Nod now having no tanks of their own and finding their base full of GDI scum realised that this game was nearly over, and not in their favour. Slowly one by one, the other TmX buildings fall to the might and teamwork prowess of the EKT forces, ending the game in a way that no one saw coming. TmX got too complacent, and they paid for it by losing for the first time. A sour defeat for TmX at the hands of the mighty EKT . But this war is far from over. There will always be a next time ;)

Final thoughts

A great effort from both teams , But there was room for improvement on both sides. A slight lack of coordination and teamwork was seen on the TmX side , noticeable in their small numbers of front line tank forces and limited repairs on some maps. And from EKT , focusing down individual targets was not a strong point from them which ended in them losing a lot of tanks to a smaller TmX army. But in the end, sheer numbers won them the war. Strong points for TmX were the good communication, always spotting enemies and relaying their positions and enemy plans to the team members, and also the individual skill and knowledge of each team member led to most 1 on one encounters being won in their favour. EKT strong points were their flawless and constant repairs, and tactical genius . They knew what needed to be done, and they knew how to execute it to the number. A fantastic night of gaming with friends is always a pleasure. Bring on the next one!

Final scores EKT 2 TmX 1

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