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Serious performance issues


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Well, i don't know anymore what to do, i believed this engine was normally an engine i could run smooth as butter, i play Bioshock infinite maxed out and every other title with the same engine.

Renegade X however is having a serious FPS impact, especially in tiberium areas and pages 2-3, if these are on in the advanced tab, gameplay is a pain in the ass. Shouldn't really be with my system, granted it's not the newest but it should run Ren X just fine, so whats wrong? i'm at the end of my ideas tbh and it's quite frustrating...


AMD-FX-8350 Eight-Core Processor

AMD Radeon HD 7800

16 GB Ram

Win 7 64Bit

I'd really love to play the game with the viduals how it was intended to be :(

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I had a look at this, but wasn't really sure what advice I could give due to your specs being perfectly high and Bioshock Inf being able to run perfectly...

If you haven't done it yet, trying a reinstall is always the standard troubleshooting tip. Other then that, looking back a bit, there have been more than one issue with that particular cpu (fx-8350). The game might be have issues with that cpu of line of cpu's in general? (I'm just guessing here I have no involvement with making the game).

Beta 4 is coming soon in q1 next year, with a lot of changes, I'd just stick with the lower graphics for now if you can't find a fix and wait for beta 4. I know I had hell with beta 2 but beta 3 has been smooth as butter with I think 2 or 3 crash in months of playing it

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