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Apache/Orca fire delay


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Almost every time i fly an apache or an orca i run into this problem. After i reload, the time before i am able to shoot again is different every time.

Sometimes i can shoot instantly when both my reload bars are fully reloaded. Sometimes it takes almost 3(!!!!) extra seconds.

I bet there are more people experiencing this problem

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I think this may be the same issue that the mammy and several other guns are having too.

I noticed that when you manually reload, it reloads all of the ammo and does not let you shoot again until all of the ammo is full (even though 1 of the reloads is faster than the other). I've had this happen in the orca and the apache many times.

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I can reliably recreate this bug.

It happens when both weapons are reloading, and you let go of the fire button then attempt to fire again on the faster reloading weapon.

1)Fire both weapons at the same time (either cannons+missiles for mammy, or machinery/missiles for heli)

2)Let go of both mouse buttons

3)Attempt to fire cannons/machinegun again before missiles have reloaded



TRY IT! You can even keep holding down mouse 1 and let the reload finish and the cannons still wont fire!

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