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idea for harvester problem


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the harvester is kind of always getting in the way on entrances to most maps while its trying to go out on the field while we defend and often at times results in me getting pushed out while im trying to get cover thus destroying my vehicles and often times myself too. i have 2 ideas that could possibly be helpful, the second might be kind of hard.

first: making the harvester kind of slide off the sides of your vehicles better as we make contact, or second: redesign some of the maps so the harvester has its own side road that it uses to get to the tiberium without having to block us in as we defend base.

anyone else experience this?

anyone else have any ideas on better improving that?

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I always love and hate the 'I don't give a fuck' attitude of Harvester that for some reason decides to run or flip your tanks over just to get to its destination. I ran into some problem where my team's harvy killed me by pushing me into field

yeah i know, i remmember harvy being fine for the most part in classic renegade, but here its starting to get too me, im starting to die way too often because of that harvester. i guess tiberium will be got no matter what tho

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