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First off, love your work. This feels as good as it should and you should feel good for it.

Since how it's in beta, i thought there would be an idea thread but couldn't find one. So here are two ideas i think would benefit gameplay:

- tank UI (lower-right): have spinning turret/hull animation. It can be a little confusing to drive a tank when it occupies half of the screen; even more so when the turret is larger than the actual hull.

- have default option for barrack classes. As long as the barracks/HoN is up, and the classes are free, there's no reason you should have to interact with a console every time you spawn. It would bring an older game design up to date.

- Flame tank buff. I might be alone on this, but I feel that the much of the strength of Nod, in the strategies, came from it's mobility and stealth. Since in Renegade you can't exactly dig underground with a flame tank, they changed the design. The multiplayer maps also aren't large enough for the stealth tanks to fully dominate. I feel that a good way to boost Nod armor would be to think about buffing the Flame tank in some way. I believe it would be easier to modify and balance due to it's close range.

Just a few ideas. As it is, i love the game.

well: i've learned my lesson. There's a Feedback board.

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