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Bots dont repair


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The way bots worked last I checked, they don't really just go out and repair. They randomly -are- techs or engineers (they don't need to use terminals they just *pop* into other classes) and if they hapepn to be not too far from something to repair they will repair it.

The bots really cannot play this game at all. They are ridiculously mindless and have next to no ability. They have no thinking, they either bum rush or defending bots will stay in one specific bot and "defend". They don't even get too far out of their little magic spot to repair another building in critical need.

While I was excited at bots pre-release, this game might as well have none. Playing with bots is not a fun experience in the slightest and also teaches nothing at all of the game. Its unfortunate. I'd love half-decent bots that actually -play- the game mode.

Don't ever use beacons either. They don't even notice them.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Bots are only scary on Walls or Whiteout if there's only 3 of you and 37 bots are massing to the base with vehicles, mainly because MCT kills them and they Soldier rush at the very beginning and Ramjet rush till the end. Bots have an completely awkward idea for rushing. But rest assured, they're the best sniper/anti-sniper

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