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Demo Folder Empty ?


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I started a Record yesterday but nothing is saved in my Folder >Renegade X/UDKGame/Demos

Is there any Problems with the latest Patch ?

I wrote recordDemo in my Console and the Spector joined the Match and left after 2 Minutes.

Whats wrong ?

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Its broken clientside for renx.

There is a server-demorecord that works, and is mainly used for capturing the time a cheater is present in a server, as if you do it a server administrator will check that replay out and blacklist an offender.

Hope this helps. Btw, I believe DemoRecord is the console command for the server one. It might be recordDemo. Idk. That would also explain why folder was empty.

Oh, also, demos only record to server the 2 minutes it was typed. If you wanted, I am not sure but perhaps you can ask the server you were on for their copy. If you are trying to record, best to use a capture software.

EDIT: Darn Ken Ninja, what next, hitting me in the face with throwing nades?

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