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Map details, why are they the way they are?


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Why do you guys not try harder to have things in the maps make sense? I know its a video game and all, but it seems like it wouldn't be that much more to do in most cases.

On Canyon GDI's "T" ramp-bridge thing. What is that even supposed to be? Why did GDI put it there? It just confuses me. I know WHY its there, technically speaking. Gives Nod SBH's a place to run around. My question is why not make it something more... sensible? Given that the map has a tunnel system, maybe that "T" ramp-bridge thing is a piece of derelict mining equipment? Conveyor belts and shit.

On Walls, why did GDI and Nod build big ass walls? This ones easy, they should just be styled like the old ruined stone structures in the center. I mean there's a pyramid in the background it would make much more sense!

What are those tunnels and barriers on Islands? Why they're part of a Nod marine research project! From the looks of the Hovercraft and destroyed Nod turrets, GDI found the island and moved in quick to take Nod out. Maybe put a few pieces of research equipment here and there.

I know you're trying to emulate the original game, but takes some artistic liberties here. I just feel sad because you put in all this effort and then drop the ball in these areas.

Am I alone?

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  • Totem Arts Staff

i see what ya saying

first, canyon isnt even near finished and i do try and give some back story as to why gdi have the ramps and nod have the tunnels in a few of the vids i made

walls ... refer you too this video

(red vs yellow)

islands its the "lost" island there are tunnels and bunkers there just coz there needs to be :P

well i cant speak for islands and walls but canyon is still a WIP and is subject to change the the ramps are there coz theres a bloody big rock in the way (well thats my reason for them :P)

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