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Mendoza selfmed


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Ok tonight I noticed a number of players on foot that seemed to get little damage from tank hit unless it was spot on target and killed them. Running as an sbh I found a Mendoza however its spelled hiding behind a rock on that new map with the red leaves. He never saw me. He had about 50% health. He started running away and was a little ways away and I figured I would blast him. After shooting him several times he had gone to 100% health. There was no one repairing him. I came back and asked after a crash as it happened at the end if they could self med and the answer was no. If that is so someone is using a self med hack. I know the players name but won't list it here but will answer in private msg if need be. Don't know what good it would do anyway / but just thought the dev's should know.

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Its called CRATES Bro Its not a hack he just got lucky that he got a REFILL crate. Also nice to see some people reporting stuffs, it is better to know something than not knowing at all. Its not a hack Bro so chill

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