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Mines display player name


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I would like to suggest in the next verison we will add the hotties/tech name in the mine(include remote for eng too),doing so will help us spot those aonnying team hamper dropping mines all over the place...it about every 10 game there are someone keep doing overming(not nob .but actually put on no-man place.)

Another thing is fix the ladder bug in xmountian

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That might be something that'd be good as a mutator (Not confirming or denying it happening officially tho - we'll see :D)

It would make it easier to be a mutator, if mines were seperated from their class. To be honest, it would be amazing if all item like weapons occupied the item slot. Including proxy c4, beacons, at mines, emp nades, airstrikes...

...the only problem would be refills on mines. Compared to not wanting refills on airstrikes or beacons or emp nades (at mines are alright as long as they are limited 2 a person)

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