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Renegade X Crash (WTH SRSLY)


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i just downloaded Renegade x this morning and i try to play it but there's a lot of problems in this game

1st i already fixed the crash when it's loading by editing the udkenginge and change shader=false to True

2nd the "ran out of video memory" error i close all of my apps even explorer.exe just to play this game i got 6gb ram and 3gb approx memory for my Gpu

now i can access the main menu i set my settings to Med and still it's lagging a bit

aaaannd wait there's more! as usual there's another error,after the loading the game crash immediately

now i dont know how to fix this error.

Like seriously.. why this game is so "HEAVY" to play is 6gb ram and 3gb approx memory gpu is not enough for this game? the game is like 5gb and it acts like freaking 20gb and new gen

Oh maybe my specs are low?

here's my specs

Fx-6300 6 cores 3.5ghz black edition

R7 260x 2gb ddr5

Zeppelin 2x3 1333hz Ram=6gb


yes maybe i got a low specs PC but im 101% sure that this spec is Enough to run this game

i can run Titanfall,ACBF,BF3-4,Cod, and other new gens games very smoothly without errors

yes i am mad, i really love C&C Renegade(1) this is one of my fav games that's why im so pissed off,and Btw sorry for my grammar


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Sorry to hear that, but for me this game runs fine on an old spec game pc (560ti, 2500K i5, 8GB ram). I'd first check your video drivers and other drivers, maybe even directX,it seems to me your system has some incompatibilities. (and maybe check for malware/viruses to.)

Like seriously.. why this game is so "HEAVY" to play?


As for this... It's a BETA

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