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Mass Disconnects


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Every now and again everyone gets booted. For no apparent reason. One time it was loads of airstrikes another a rush, another a rush had finished and people started regrouping.

Im pretty sure its not due to server resources, since our dedi box only dedicated towards renx.

(Intel® Xeon® E5 1410 v2 & 32gb ram & 10k SAS dedicated drive for renx)

we have 3 renx servers running (one passworded) and mc server but running off another drive

First i thought it was the addons that the devs made, so i removed em for a time but still carried on.

We have two rcon connections open normally as we are testing a 2nd bot.

Any any of the devs want our logs to help narrow it down or have any ideas? Only thing i can think of atm is to reinstall the renx server and start again. Oh and Player ID has got up 2 around 6000 which is a new high for us lol.

Thanks for any help you might give.

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I've seen this happen several times too, nothing new though.

It seems to happen alot less lately and I'm not really sure if it's something wrong on the hosts network or the renx server itself.

As far as I could see it just loses connection to all clients, map doesn't restart or anything either.

Since I switched to a new server ( different server room ) this is almost never happening anymore so that's why I suspect it's not renx itself

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Do the players report it as a crash? There is some client-side only crash that will sometimes occur that is triggered by something server-side; resulting in all clients on the server crashing out but the server keeps going fine. Have no idea why it happens or what the cause is, don't think I've ever seen the logs for when it has happened.

And yeah logs can't hurt.

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