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Renegade x and timezones


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Hello all,

Relatively new to the Renegade X game, but no stranger to the classic. Just curious about the flow of server populations I'm relation to time of day. I live in the eastern time zone, and usually hop on about Oh... 8pm till 12am. Usually just one server is close to capacity. Are the majority of users in different timezones? I did log in early one morning and noticed quite a bit more people playing, leading me to believe many users are UK based. Just wondering, I like filled servers and if I need to adjust my Renegade fix to the early hours I'll certainly do that. Thanks!

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As pretty much every shooters that aren't crap seems to go, this has a primarily European scene. It has 2 servers full right now, but when I actually like to play is in 8 hours from now, and it tends to have a quarter of that playing.

Thats mostly stopped me from playing unfortunately. But if you can log in earlier in the day yes, there's far enough players right now.

I don't get why America has no taste whatsoever for this, though.

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There are quite a few North American players. It's probably because the EU servers are popped first as it's game-time there earlier, then as the NA players come online, only the EU servers are already popped, so they jump in there instead of trying to get a NA server going.

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There are many Dutch people, some Germans and UKers. Some are non-English speakers which is quite obvious to see when they try to communicate through chat, leading me to believe that they are Eastern Europe, Italian and/or French.

I'd dare to assume that it's about 65-35 in favor for European players. The 2 major servers (TmX and EKT) are based in Paris Europe, leading me to believe most of their clanbases are from Europe.

Server pop at around 8pm GMT+1 (Amsterdam/Berlin timezone) is quite high, whereas 8am GMT+1 is quite low, which would be the NA time to play.

I have no idea about the Asian playerbase though. I'd asume people who play through Asian peakhours are either early birds or midnight players from the other timezones

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