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Just a suggestion for the game menu:

When you finished a game and want to call it quits, perhaps the creation of a "Quit Game" option would be nice instead of being booted to the "Front End" map when you press "Exit Game".

"Exit Game" suggests to exit the game entirely, not just the server.

For those who use the "Exit Game" to go to the Front End map and select a skirmish mode or use the ingame serverlist to select a new server, perhaps an option called "Leave Game" could be made (or renamed to be more fair as the function is already there)

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I believe those savvy with command console, can just use ~ then "quit".

I aint too savvy with dem consoles. I use your tip in the future, good sir!

However I still think it is a valid point as your suggestion could be a prelude to everything people would want. "Just enter console command for this or that" aint no real solution, only a temporary one.

This solution is appriciated though

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