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Installer stops without warning


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Apparently, when starting the installer, it extracts everything in the temp folder of the system. If there is not enough space on the drive it will just stop without any message at all. As not everybody has 3GB free on their C: drive, plz add a warning message to the installer. (Was wondering if my download was broken and redownloaded the whole thing just to find this out.)

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it's strange there isn't an error saying that the designated folder has insufficient space left.

Here's a tip though:

leave 15-20% of your HDD empty. 25% is recommended for defragmentation processes.

The reason is, when defragging, Windows is essentially copy-pasting "broken" or "displaced" datafiles together, essentially making queries faster when you want to access that file or program.

In the end defragging speeds up your system performance.

Furthermore, HDDs nowadays have huuuuge capacities, meaning 15% of a 50gb HDD (small drive) is more than enough to download the game.

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I wrote about the time before the installer even opens, you cant select where it gets extracted, it will just use the temp folder.

About the space: Yeah i know, but its only software wise in my case, as i have partitioned my hdd and windows just keeps getting bigger with every update :-)

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