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Human Resources


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https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/65 ... c-rts-game

This is a Kickstarter, for a C&C style RTS, by Uber Entertainment. Costs $20 kickstarter for a release copy.

Apparently it is a collection economy RTS with less units and more unit-abilities. It is based on a stereotypical apocolypse, where machines grow sentient and enslave humanity but summoned ancient magical monsters crash their party. Both fight against each other to collect the same resource: Humans. They collect humans as an economy, and wage war to out-apocolypse each other and their side to be the dominant destroyers of the world.

This is RTS news, similar to Grey Goo. I would hope everyone with similar interests to end up here are also interested in these new projects.

There is a large amount of people who love Uber Entertainment/Planetary Annihilation/Super Monday Night Combat... and a large amount of people dedicated to expansively boycott Uber/PA/SMNC.

Nonetheless, I thought it was closely enough related to spread the news here. A lot closer than Kitchenware (I am looking at you SpamBots...).

NEWS BTW: Planetary Annihilation Releases player serverside offline-mode on Oct. 9. One day after Renegade X releases Beta 3 with a new map and big changes, Oct. 8th. Best of wishes to you gamers, Merry Early Christmas.

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Hey there, I've seen the game and it looks really awesome (the idea)!

These are the same people from planetary annihilation right? I'm not sure if I want to jump in the boat with them again..

Well, they did release offline player-side local server on the 9th. Why they didn't delay the release a month and a day just to squeeze that in is their personal business, but including the Oct. 9th build, they went the distance with Planetary Annihilation so far.

Besides, Human Resources is supposed to be a "parallel build" to Planetary Annihilation, same engine using two different game mechanics, PA using macro scale thousands of units and sphere maps and streaming economy and symetrical factions, HR using micro scale unit with abilities and flat map chunks and collection economy and assymetrical factions.

It is a concept of horizontal integration, building two things related opposed to a single thing in focus. Like doing local oil drilling and refining, opposed to doing global oil drilling instead of local without in-house refineries at all.

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