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Passenger control for vehicle weapons

Kriemhild Gretchen

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In vehicles like buggies, Humvees and APCs, it's often next to impossible to drive forward well while firing at something behind you. One of my favorite parts of rushes is mowing down enemy infantry on the way, but I can't do that and drive well at the same time. (Not that I'm a good driver, as others can attest...) There should be an option to turn over control of any vehicle's weapon to the passenger. This would allow the driver to focus on driving and the gunner to focus on gunning, as is the case in real life, actually. Obviously, this should only be allowed by mutual consent. Perhaps both players would need to hit V to accept it.

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Old ren allowed this when you pressed Q (by default I believe) as the driver.

I agree, it can be very handy for an APC/Humvee/Buggy driver to just focus on driving straight rather than shooting at the same time.

However, I do not recommend killing infantry outside the enemy base because upon respawn, they help defend the base. Then again, INSIDE the enemy base you would want to have that option availible (driving to block the doors while passenger kills infantry)

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