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STEAM Platform Question


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@Kriemhild - i believe the devs already made it clear in previous threads that it will not be released to STEAM before it's ready (stable)

@RypeL - i know the "when will it be ready/stable" question is usually frowned upon, but because i have no intention of installing STEAM ever again, and i would like to play this game, i am wondering if you could offer a rough time estimate of when it might be released on STEAM? if it's a couple months, than i'll probably pass, but if it's more like a year or more, i'd be interested in not only playing, but also contributing to the development process in terms of documentation, simple graphics (like sprites/HUD), and possibly some other minor things (i can't code)

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No there is no ETA on a Steam release atm. To release on Steam you also have to do some programming for Steam integration. That alone might take us a few months. But it doesent make sense to even start on that without an ok from EA to even release on Steam. If we would have enough devs left to make a version that would be good enough for Steam is another unknown. Mostly we would really need experienced coders with experience working on unreal engine games (and its nearly impossible to find them nowadays, especially for no payment and with UE4 arround that now everyone wants to work on instead). Also mappers are always needed. If you just can do simple graphics im not sure if we could use you. But thx for showing interest anyway. And if you have something nice to show that you made you can send it to me ([email protected]) and i will forward it to havoc89 (project leader and art director) and ask him if he would have an idea for something you could work on.

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mapping could be an option, and it's something i really like doing, though i'd have to learn the editor as i've only used QuarK and Hammer previously (i have no modeling experience)

the only game graphics i've done was for HL:DM and CS:S and that was limited to mostly HUD stuff back when the HUD used image files (crosshairs, icons, etc.)

for graphics i use GIMP and InkScape, but i'm no expert! don't think i have anything to really show off, other than some icons i've made which you can find in the 'Screenshots' section here...


thanks for the reply!

i'll check out what tools are used for Unreal 3 level editing

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