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UDK has stopped working


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I download and install, the launcher is there but then I get a UDK has stopped working message when ever I try to join and then nothing. Would really like to try it out since I played the original for years. Anyone have a fix suggestion for this.

Any system specs you could/want to provide?

I had that issue as well when running a 32bit windows 7 version with 3.5GB RAM (limited by 32bit system) and a GPU with 500MB dedicated memory.

Use this link:

http://www.game-debate.com/games/index. ... ack%20Dawn

and compare your system with that of the requirements. In my experience though, the recommended requirements stated here are still a bit too low, but the game has some optimalization to go through.

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If anyone else comes up with another idea I will give it a shot, damn was looking at some U-Tube of the game and like what I see, I want in. Hell might have to go get a new computer.

To be fair, I had a 32 bit version of win7 when I bought my PC 2nd hand (from a computer geek who got a better one for free from his work). Intel i7 quadcore including 4 strips of 4GB RAM, totalling 16GB.

Ofcourse my 32 bit windows didnt allow me to use more than 3.5GB of RAM due to being 32bit so I needed to upgrade to a 64bit anyway.I also had an old graphics card, a GeForce 8800 GT which also didnt quite hit the mark for Ren X. As I was already planning to upgrade that card in the near future, there wasnt a better time than when I bought the 64bit version. Bought me a GeForce 660 GTX and was set to play Ren X. Didnt have the crashing anymore since the upgrade.

Now, I'm not telling you to get a better system JUST for Ren X, in my case I was already planning on upgrading and Ren X was just another reason to.

I suggest to you to find more reasons than just RenX to upgrade, because imo, upgrading for just 1 game isnt realy smart imo.

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