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Color schemes

Kriemhild Gretchen

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I had an idea from seeing an enemy Mammoth Tank in some shadows on the Islands map. (At least, that's what I think it was. I remember it having two silos, a hill and a very long path between the two bases.) It looked like it had the Nod color scheme. Tiberian Sun beta plans aside, I thought, wouldn't it be neat if stolen vehicles changed color schemes? It'd be really nice to be able to identify which faction a vehicle belonged to without actually targeting it. It'd be a good amount of work to redo the textures, so it's fine if it can't be implemented.

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I saw the idea before around here.

I'm personally against it. Stolen vehicles have a chance to be ignored, even if only for a very small amount of time. I've shot people a few times with a stolen vehicle sometimes before they realized hey, I'm an enemy.

Other than that reason, it would mean vehicles would magically change colors in the middle of the battlefield, which I think would just look a bit too silly.

I just see no reason for it.

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I agree with Jake. You can get the drop on enemies if they don't expect a friendly vehicle to have been stolen.

That being said, it would be kinda cool to have the ability to enable a color scheme for it. Like, you take it back to your base and apply it to make your stolen vehicle look more identifiable. (The getting the drop on enemies thing also applies to friendlies too who think you're an enemy.)

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I agree to a certain extend with the OP.

Stolen vehicles can't just magically change colors, however in the C&C: Tiberian Dawn game, on which the original renegade was inspired, producing opposing teams tanks do have a different color scheme.

In other C&C games, capturing an enemy vehicle turns it into your teams identifyable coloring.

It's a bit off if the tanks immediately change colorscheme upon capture, that one advantage of dropping on someone is a very nice aspect indeed.

On another note, vehicles obtained from crates are not realy captured, so they might want to have a different color scheme imo. To indicate amongst other reasons, that it counts towards your teams vehicle cap. (vehicle cap was a big issue on original ren more so than on RenX it seems)

Dunno how the crates work exactly, perhaps drawing upon the games vehicle database and randomly selecting one. In that case, make a separate database for the crates and add a different pool for a GDI player vs a Nod player.

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