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Undisarmable Beacon on Lakeside


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The explosion will kill the WF and there's nothing you can do about it :P Since there is no disarm command, bugs like this become very annoying

Glitch beacons are a known issue. Devs are working on it, I think.

Yes, they are working on it, but sometimes it's area dependant, so every spot for a glitched beacon should be reported.

The known ones are those beacons that fall between the cracks of a building, this one falls between rocks. There is a difference in fixing by changing the buildings (like Warfactory previously) or entire maps. Or changing the physics of beacons all together. Make em spawn at the feet instead of subjected to gravity and thus falling down resulting in floating beacons though. (fly/surf an orca, place a beacon up in the air without disarm possibilities)

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