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Bring back good old Helipads and re-supply


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I am a massive fan of the original C&C and Renegade X has just about hit the nail on the head! Well done. One thing I was left quizzing about in the original renegade is the infinite supply or ordinance on the orca and apache gunship. C&C renegade has a helipad structure and I thought it would be cool if the choppers could Re-Arm and repair health when stationed on a helipad.

Of course, in order to re-arm, they would have to have a finite amount of rockets. Something fair, like 80 or so. When they run low, they can return to base and sit on their helipad for about 10 or so seconds. It would add that good old C&C feel to the game.

A helipad is a destroyable structure, therefore if it is destroyed, the aircraft will not be able to re-supply rocket ammo. The chaingun should stay unlimited ammo. All good, just defend it and it won't be a problem, right?

Any thoughts?

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Goes against the idea of vehicles having infinite ammo, as was with the original renegade.

You'd want to proceed and make tanks having finite ammo as well. This brings an end to spamming but starts the era of continuous rushing.


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You could make re-armament specific to aircraft only. It was done in the original C&C, red alert and pretty much every other C&C, so it would't be something people would have trouble adapting to.

As for vehicles getting finite ammo, makes sense for realism, but you wouldn't have to implement it here. No C&C has limited ammo tanks.

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