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GDI APC - Smoke discharger


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Had some ideas about tactical secondary options for units. Renegade X has just about everything, and that's why it's so awesome...But what about dropping smoke?

The GDI APC could also have a smoke discharger as a tactical secondary fire mode. Covering entry or exit from battle, covering friendly units, it could deploy as a long range grenade barrage and blanket an area with smoke, allowing units some mild visual cover from ranged targets. The smoke discharger could have a long recharge time, so using the option should not be taken lightly. It would also do a few things.

*Assist in the apc strategy in general, protecting units exiting the vehicle or helping in escape under fire.

*The smoke when deployed could possibly be used as a double edged sword, either to decoy or alert the enemy to the presence of an APC in their base.

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I both like and hate this idea and here's why:

In some maps, like Walls and Mesa, dustparticles blow up and are very anoying when I'm trying to snipe. It blows my vision shitloads!

On the other side, this also affects other snipers :P I hate it when it happens to me, but would abuse it if I counter snipers that way :P

love-hate-love-hate-love-hate, can't choose :P

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