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Recon Bikes


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Hey guys. First and foremost, I would love to thank each and every one of your awesome team for making a brilliant and epic version of a game we all love. Renegade X is in my opinion very well laid out and plays real sweet. Your game is well balanced so far so this topic may sway some.

I have a few ideas to just put out there and see what you and other players think...

Recon bikes - I know it's a touchy topic, but Nod just aren't fully equipped without some awesome attack bikes in their war chest. Sure, they're fast, but they don't necessarily have to be a pesky nuke spam unit. They could have weight restrictions that affect their speed, or some other inhibitor of that nature. For example, if you purchase a bike with a heavy loadout (like a nuke beacon or airstrike), your speed could slow 25%. Also, the price could be moderately higher than a buggy. There are some advantages for skilled users dodging heavy tanks and orcas, and infantry would give them a hard time but they could be well balanced. The attack would be traditional. 2 heat seeking dragon tow missiles similar to the stealth tank, but powered down a touch. Lock target, fire, forget. Also, being a fast light vehicle, the bike could get a little air time when it hits a hill at full speed...The nod bike, just a thought.

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Okay, first of all the request of an recon bike is almost as old as time itself..

And we all know that history repeats itself, so I'll just quote myself:

I find the idea of an recon bike pretty cool, since it was in TD I think it should somehow make an appearance in RenX.

But maybe not for a specific side. There should be an capturable techbuilding (like an abandoned Nod-warfactory, or a chrashed cargo plane?) which has a limit of 3 or 4 bikes at the same time.

Like the silo techbuilding it has no gamechanging role, it's meant to make the gameplay more fluid(?).

and... please don't RespektSchelle me for my bad english ;)

And this one..

I dont think that this forgotten tech building will ever see the light. It's way to much work to do so and it doesnt fit the tiberian dawn era anyway.

I'm still for the idea with the capturable crashed nod cargo plane that gives "underpowerd" recon bikes.

- fast

- cheap

- good Anti-air

- bad at everything else

- maybe limit to 3 bikes on map/per team?

And last but not least...

What do you think is best?

Giving GDI a dumbass humvee with a TOW as a counterunit like in several Renegade mods/servers?

If the recon bike will be added a techbuilding is in my opinion the best solution.

We can suspect as much as we want.

Unless there's an huge uproar from the community or the devs having a good day, there won't be any RB in the near future...

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At this current time ReconBikes are the last thing i would want too see in this game, i would prefer if the bugs/glitches/fixes where sorted out first, stuff like this is no way near a priority or worth even considering at this stage. And then hopefully getting this on steam as without steam and as the community stands it's gonna be a struggle populating with players

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