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Places one is meant to reach ...and NOT (Glitching there)


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I think we should establish what spots are meant to be off-limits and what are those that you are meant to/allowed to reach or cross with a vehicle.

Since I don't really feel like screen-shotting I'll just describe the few that can be pin-pointed by words and are iffy.

- the two lower cliffs on each side of the exit ramps of each base on Walls Flying (no invisible barrier is preventing us from shooting from those....should there be a barrier?) - Same question goes after each listed spot.

- the two high cliffs on Walls Flying, reachable only via air-craft, seen a few snipers being dropped off there, where they could...almost...kill infantry off without being at risk of being hit by accurate return fire. Well, I sniped there insolent little heads off, with a basic marksman, too, almost immediately, but not before they killed a number of us several times, before I could spot them up there, because of their ram-jet trails...hmhm...amateurs. Should have the 500$ snipers. More difficult to trace their projectiles. Ooh, nervy Mattie is showing off, hurr hurr... :P

- running over the ramp and into the NOD base with a humvee on the left side (from GDI p.o.v.), on Walls Flying. I think I also saw someone entering the GDI base, on their left (from NOD p.o.v.) with STANK. That might have been pre-patch, though...not sure.

- with NOD, on Walls Flying, running up the cliff on the left of the GDI base, outside, close to their ramp..and sniping off every infantry running out, without them having no idea where they're being picked off from. Works better when GDI is on the offense some, and can keep NOD from taking the ruins, thus spotting the sniper on their own cliff. In my experience, the enemy, no matter the players, is almost always clueless and I can snipe 15-20, even more, people off and most of the time, they still can't figure I'm there, cause...why would they think that spot can be reached. Should it be reachable?

- every rock on Walls Flying, really...that people often sashay up on.

- also, can get stuck under the ramps, and inside the rocks. Either the...collisions, or whatever...should be fixed or these spots should be "walled" off via barrier so people don't try to climb to them, or if the spots ARE allowed then let's not have people getting stuck and having to commit suicide, just to the get out. It's annoying.


- descending the cliff and getting perched behind the waterfall at different heights on Field.

- perch on the small cliff, next to the tree, down by the lowest bridge on Field.

- "fix" the river so it doesn't kill infantry. It's kind of silly, that the river on GoldRush doesn't kill infantry, neither does the one on LakeSide (and that one isn't even a proper river, since even at a depth it doesn't cause the character to float or swim, as it should). Both rivers, on both maps might be tricky routes to use, to make an escape, for example. On Field, in particular, it would be a good tactic to jump in the river from enemy fire, or to get around a bit more covertly. The river could also carry the player down to the next bridge, where the bridge would catch them, and players wouldn't be able to swim upstream.


- once I drove my humvee deeper into the water on Islands, on the side of the beach, at a crossing, near some wooden fences and it got severely damaged, nearly got destroyed, and it was at full health, with no enemies or C4s firing or going off anywhere near. It was the deeper water that did that. It shouldn't. Both on Islands and on LakeSide, the water should slow vehicles down, without damaging them. And infantry should float or swim on the latter and on Field.


- I've seen certain people climb all the way up to the top of the cliff above the main entrance to the GDI base on GoldRush, once the Obelisk was destroyed. Took me two deaths to make it to our bunker, to look around, then spot the Deadeye casually sniping people off from there...before I discouraged him and WARNED the person not to do it again, or I'd have them kicked. Same thing with the people glitching over the ramps, back on Walls Flying.

- being able to rocket-rush or PIC-rush NOD Power Plant by either jumping up and down behind the top of the rocks, in the forest, firing over them, or by climbing up the highest guard tower, in GoldRush. Annoying really. I mean, if I'm in the base, I immediately run up the rocks in front of the Power Plant, and snipe them from the guard tower, but I cannot fire back at the ones making jumping-shots from the forest.

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Sarcasm warning:

Most of them are deemed "Advanced Tactics" due to the design of the game/maps. Server owners condone them but do not advertise the use of them though, as in the future they "might" get fixed. (e.g. vehicle surfing, chopper-lift to otherwise unreachable positions, jumpshots, etc.)

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Hey Truxa!

Well, on e.g.: Walls Flying we have established with the mods (and have to keep reminding people, or warn people who don't know) that e.g.: glitching over ramps and getting to the high cliffs via aircraft is off-limits. It's an unwritten rule. Or should be.

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Hey, Rock!

That's pretty common, as well, yeah. Have to keep shouting at them to get off the damn cliff. Just taking their vehicle's HP down is not enough. As soon as they repair their MLRS they're back up there, practically b2b-ing. And THAT is not allowed, anyway.

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