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show me how to repair buildings please!


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You can repair a building by shooting it anywhere with a repair gun. Once the building is destroyed, you can no longer repair it. If you shoot the master control terminal it will repair faster. You will learn where they are in each building by following other repairers when a building takes damage as most people know where to find it

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I will try and give you some help, but I am too lazy to take an own screenshot at this moment :P In the shot below is the MCT at the left of the screenshot; characterized by three Engineers repairing it. Basically the MCT are three computer screens next to each other and a "hand authentication" below it.

Finding the MCT is relatively easy, they are either in the middle of the building (PP, ref, hand of Nod, WF) or in the end of the building (airstrip, obelisk, AGT and barracks). You can easily explore the different buildings in a single player game.


Basically, the rules I use for the different characters that can repair are the following:

Engineer @ building -- repair rate 1

Engineer @ mct -- repair rate 2

Tech / Hotwire @ building -- repair rate 2

Tech / Hotwire @ mct -- repair rate 4

Most repairers also repair the moment they can hit the building and then walk to the MCT, so some repairs come in before you reach the MCT.

As mentioned by the others, if a building is destroyed, it can no longer be repaired and the function of the building is removed from the team. But who knows, maybe we can call in a MCV in Beta-3 and that can build new buildings :D:D:confused:


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