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"Quick 180 Spin" Button..


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Having 10 sensitivity and MLG and mountain dew doritos double xp weekend and quickscopez and omg is for losers.

Made me smile, lol. :P

P.S. Please add more Mountain Dew & Doritos to RenX ASAP!

Oh! Oh! Maybe you could buy Mountain Dew & Doritos at the purchase terminal!

(That would be awesome...crap...now I am hungry)

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Has been discussed. will not happen.

I don't recall this discussion being concluded... unless I wasn't there for it. AFAIK it's still on the "to-do" list. Like Free aim.

Free Look = Good (Appropriate for vehicles.)

Free Aim = Bad (Universally removed from all modern games.)

180 Spin Button = Meh (Seems like a silly console feature. Doesn't belong in a PC only game.)

Besides, all you have to do is adjust your sensitivity and acceleration ratio and you can do all the instant 180 spins you like with much more precision to boot. :)

P.S. I want to get back to the discussion about adding Mountain Dew & Doritos to the purchase terminal.

Oh! Oh! Add deep dish pizza too!

mmmmm...pizza :P

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The cheat spin button for console gamers. Never really understood why it was in Renegade.

You need "fine tuned" pc gaming hardware for fast 180 spins otherwise. The best way to space out mouse to sensitivity, is to get the biggest mouse pad you can find, and make it so a confortable space from the edges lets you access the whole desktop, then adjust game sensitivity so you can make confortably small accurate movements with large 180 movements both in the realm of the mousepad.

I have a normal-smallish mousepad and no space in my cramped rig for another one, I can post pictures of my sad little rig in my 1 wall of my brother's living room it sits in, but I assure you, I would appreciate the 180 button if it were added, you could go back to ignoring it if it were added, if it weren't added I would miss it but soldier on without, if it weren't added you would chuckle like you won something and are the king of pc while I am a peon, it doesn't matter either way to me really, it is just a quality of life.

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