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Hi! :D

Decided on registering. Went with my usual name, though I have thought of using names like BieberKiller, KillDaBieber, HoboBear, KillTheMessenger, KilledMessenger, DoveOfPeaceInterrupted, NervySniper, DiesIstMeineBuggy, ImpatienceEmbodied, KeepCalmAndNOT...etc.


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what about TheCoon or Cthulhu (Southpark episode killing Bieber)

Uhhh, well...I don't watch South Park. Never did. :confused:

Ah well, everyone their own taste, right? :D

I never got into it. Friends showed me a few episodes, here and there, years apart.Hm.

Hey! I think I saw your name once or twice while playing multi-player. :confused:

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Ah Matt :D. Go train your snipping skills and stop talking! :D

Why you have a Avatar with a german sentence in it? :o


Well, I would stop talking, but someone is always exploiting glitches to make things easy for themselves, cheating essentially, ruining the game for me, and annoying me, so I have to go on a rant, sometimes...

As for the avatar, that's the only German phrase, combined with the stock image of that kitten, that I find funny. I...intensely dislike the German language, though. But, that one line is funny and since I like to drive around with a buggy/humvee, I replaced the word "wassermelone" with them. It's sort of my signature line. It's MINE!! My PRECIOUS!! :P

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