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Hello fellow fighters


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Hi there. I'm new to this, nearly new to online-gaming. Singleplayer titles mostly got my focus. Tried MPs here and then (PlanetSide 2, Fear Combat, HL2) but never got envolved that tight that I could say: my pistol breaths my sweat. I loved C&C since the first part and till Generals. Red Alert 2 is still one of my weekly things to this day. I liked Renegade in 2003 (02?), but never played it a lot (haven't had the best computer back then). Hope this will change. And therefore I am here. Hope I can learn from you guys how to frag it right.

Have a good time & thanks to the devs, for keeping C & C alive... kind of.


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I guess so. Though it is really tough online -just had my first two matches- it kinda got me. There was a big grin in my face after the Ion Cannon shot straight into that Airfield. The Rocket Launcher up on hill were literally tearing that Nod base apart. Fairly said it was understuffed. But, came great. Good feeling in this game.

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got any way to get ahold of when you are looking for a match? Maybe you can find someone to play alongside for the teamwork value of it?

If no, then at worst you could still post in this very thread when you are about to fire up ren-x and see if someone replies looking to play maybe within 5 minutes of your post. If I saw the post, I would play, but if that was the case the best way to do it would be private message my forum account here so I know when I get the message.

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Hello there,

If you're looking to play with other people, feel free to visit the TmX community at http://www.thematrixren.com

We pride ourselves on providing a fun environment for our players and our dedicated moderators ensure that your game is as stress free as possible, by ensuring that our rules are followed. They're players themselves, which is why they dedicate their free time to ensure that our server be the best that it can be.

They're always willing to help out with tactics and the various controls/commands. ingame, through teamspeak and of course on IRC.

Our information is as follows:

Website: www.thematrixren.com

Teamspeak: ts.thematrixserver.com

IRC: irc.thematrixserver.com

I hope to see you soon & welcome to the game. :)

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