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Suggested fix for overmining team mates.

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Over-mining is a problem. It's really frustrating to take the time to properly mine all the buildings just to have some stupid team mate undo all that by going around and throwing mines at the base entrance or in the tunnels. One idiot can hamper the entire team and cause the destruction of buildings by throwing mines in stupid places.

Simply upping the mine limit isn't a good option because it affects the balance of the game. Making it so mines can only be thrown in certain areas also isn't a good option because it takes away from the teams freedom to try out new strategies.

So here is my suggestion, and it's a really simple one. Just give us the ability to see the name of a player who threw a particular mine. Say when you look at a mine along with seeing the health bar you will also see the name of the player who put it there. That way if someone throws mines in stupid places it will be easy to tell who did it and bring them up for a vote-kick, or politely ask them to stop. Just a suggestion that I think will allow stupid miners to be held accountable for team hampering, so that they can learn to do better next time.

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I find it very useful when more than one person mines. For example, I mine half the buildings and the other person mines the other half. And, when my mines go off, and I actually get a kill, boink, I know that there could be potential threats at the buildings I mined. But, it would be nice if a message would be displayed, either the green EVA-lines, or perhaps in the so-and-so killed so-and-so messages, saying that mines were triggered and at what building. Boink! Mines triggered at Weapons Factory! . The message would only be displayed to the person whose mines were set off, perhaps this could be for balance's sake, or simply to prevent messages piling up. It could also be displayed in blue, as a PrivateSay Message, with a sound-alert.

But, yeah. Something should be done to make it more easy to weed out who's mining badly, because messaging back and fourth with caps lock on, demanding answers to who mined where, takes too long and it's distracting. Though, having the name of the person show up along with the health-bar of the mine and the name of the mine, would be too much text on screen. But, I can't think of anything else that could be done, at the moment. Perhaps...if one would press "Q", as if they were spotting a unit or building...etc., the name of the player who placed that particular mine would be highlighted in the names list/mini-scoreboard on the right side of the screen, or the name of the mine would switch briefly to the name of the player that placed it.

How's that?

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