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Screen black-out bug

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I'm experiencing a bug while playing this game. At first it happened all the time, but now it seems to only happen on a couple of maps. Field being the most common and on Gold Rush it happens rarely. In fact Field is literally unplayable for me it happens so often.

So what happens is very frequently, and for no apparent reason my screen will go black and all audio will cut out. During this time my monitor will show the searching for signal icon, indicating that it's lost signal from my PC. In a about 10 seconds the signal will come back and the game keeps going as if nothing happened.

Also, while the screen is blacked out it seems that all my inputs are still being accepted and going through. If I type a chat message while the screen is blacked out it will be there when it comes back. People in the game have told me this is likely a hardware issue, but it happens on this game only, and only on certain maps indicating something more than local hardware problems.

Here is my system info:

Window 7 64 bit

Graphics Card: EVGA Nvidia GTX Titan Hydro-copper Signature Edition

CPU: Intel Core i7

RAM: 32 GB (16 GB usable)

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