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I searched the forum and could not find a list of admin commands, so I'm hoping you folks will populate this thread with commands.

For example, you type 'a' in the command console and you see "addBot[iNT]" I don't know how this command is formatted, but if someone knows, lets make a list :)

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Hi guys, I guess you need to try to find "the" UT3 Admin Commands, since Renegade X builds upon a latest UDK Engine.

Admin Commands

You ment to be able to admin the game using rcon but when we tried it although adminlogin worked none of the subsiquent commands did.

First off login with: AdminLogin 

The you can use the following command:

   AdminLogin  - Logs you in as an admin
   AdminLogout - Logs you out of admin mode
   AdminRestartMap - Restarts the current map
   AdminChangeMap  - Loads a different map (gametype will change too, depending on map)
   Admin addbots <#> - Adds number of bots
   Admin killbots - Removes all bots
   AdminPlayerList - Shows PlayerID of players
   Adminkick  - Kicks player from current game
   Adminkickban  - Kicks player from current game and bans player from reconnecting (bans are stored in .ini file for later editing)
   AdminForceVoiceMute  - Blocks a player from sending voip to others
   AdminForceVoiceUnMute  - Allows a player to resume sending voip to others
   AdminForceTextMute  - Blocks a player from sending text to others
   AdminForceTextUnMute  - Allows a player to resume sending text to others
   AdminPublishMapList - Overrides the server's map list for the current game type with the one on the client that used the command 

When your done you can logout with: AdminLogout 

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