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my wish/ideas all in one! updated may 9 2014

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I want increase in player max up to 64+ to 256+ maybe up to thousands. someone make a youtube video showing this game, and is good as battlefield, battlefront, socom and arma, include these names in the tags, so we can get more players playing. oh yes I also want more weapons, vehicles, maps, and an ingame server maker, new scenarios for servers (like one shot kill), map editor/make so simple a 1st grader can understand but very advances tools. customization of EVERYTHING!!! add color wheel? how we make all these ingame content in this game? it is fictional so its easy to make! fictional= unlimited creation. the devs can make anything they want and can ask the community on ideas. bigger multiplayer= bigger chaos , everyone likes chaos. who the heck dont like chaos probably u trolls

make it character customizable instead of preset. instead of picking a character for weapons. one character and any weapon we want instead. color wheel for skin!!!<<<<< most important

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I feel like you should pitch this idea to a multibillion dollar company instead of people working for free.
yes this can be done with them people working for free. they can do it on their free time until they complete it and release a patch. it should be quick no need to go out and test weapons just make one from their pc. don't forget this is FICTIONAL! that's what I love about scifi......! :P we can also hire a work volunteer to work from home.
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